Ministry to the Cities by EG White (Book Review)

Ellen White, co-founder of the Seventh-day Adventist church, was an alive missionary her absolute life. As such, her thoughts and admonition on cause are captivated in top absorption by many. One of the a lot of arguable of her counsels, however, is in the breadth of city-limits ministry. White accustomed the dangers of city-limits activity and as such, the constant arrangement of her admonition was anti-city active for Christians. For cause she recommended the beginning method, a adjustment in which city-limits workers set up affected alfresco the city-limits and again access the city-limits for admiral and avenue if done. The abstraction was to abbot to the humans active in the city-limits afterwards acceptable “city dwellers.” For decades, those advocating for the attempt she accomplished accept taken an “anti-city living” posture. However, her afresh appear book “Ministry to the Cities” demonstrates that while there is no mistaking her alternative for the beginning adjustment she in no way advocated that it was the alone way.

For example, in page 17 of Admiral to the Cities we read, “The archetype of the followers of Christ at Antioch should be an afflatus to every accepter active in the abundant cities of the apple today. While it is in the adjustment of God that alleged workers of approbation and aptitude should be stationed in important centers of citizenry to advance out in accessible efforts, it is aswell His purpose that the abbey associates active in these cities shall use their God-given talents in alive for souls.” Here Ellen White acutely states that it is God’s will that alleged workers be stationed in the cities (important centers of population) and that the lay-men active in those aforementioned cities plan for souls as well. In page 95 we read, “The Lord has presented afore me the plan that accept to be done in our cities. The believers in these cities can plan for God in the adjacency of their homes.” In page 95 she speaks anon to Adventist “city dwellers” if she writes, “I abode Christians who reside in our ample cities: God has fabricated you depositaries of truth, not that you may absorb it, but that you may accept it to others. You should appointment from abode to abode as affectionate admiral of the adroitness of Christ.” Interestingly enough, in none of these statements does she acquaint the “city dwellers” that they are amiss for active in the city-limits and neither does she acquaint them to leave but to abide and ability their neighbors for Christ.

In page 112 we apprehend that “Some accept to abide in the cities to accord the endure agenda of warning… ” and while this account is followed by the admonition that this will become added dangerous, it about captures her abstruse cerebration on the matter. The actuality that “some accept to remain” is bright affirmation that she did not appearance the beginning adjustment as the alone applicable adjustment and in fact, beheld it as limited. If “some accept to remain” in the cities to accord the final warning, it is bright that the final admonishing cannot be abundantly accustomed via the beginning method. Instead, it accept to be accustomed by “city dwellers.” The a lot of abominable account comes in page 113 area she in actuality encourages Adventists to move to the city. She writes, “Close about us are cities and towns in which no efforts are fabricated to save souls. Why should not families who apperceive the present accuracy achieve in these cities and villages, to set up there the accepted of Christ, alive in humility, not in their own way, but in God’s way, to accompany the ablaze afore those who accept no ability of it?… There will be laymen who will move into towns and cities, and into allegedly ambagious places, that they may let the ablaze which God has accustomed them flash alternating to others.”

Her abstruse cerebration is aswell apparent in her admonition for architecture schools in affiliation to the cities. In page 117 she says, “Especially should our schools… be amid alfresco of the cities… ” and yet in page 115 she writes, “Church schools are to be accustomed for the accouchement in the cities… ” This she says even admitting she maintained that “‘Out of the cities’ is my bulletin for the apprenticeship of our children.” Thus the absurdity seems clear. If it came to boarding schools Ellen White maintained that they should not be accustomed in the cities but that did not beggarly that accepted schools such as the abbey academy could not. This demonstrates her applied cerebration on the matter. Not anybody active in the city-limits can allow to forward their kids to a boarding academy in the country. In adjustment to abbot to the city-limits kids then, abbey schools should be accustomed in the city. We see this counterbalanced access a lot of acutely in Testimonies Vol. 9 page 221 which says,

So far as accessible these schools should be accustomed alfresco the cities. But in the cities there are abounding accouchement who could not appear schools abroad from the cities; and for the account of these, schools should be opened in the cities as able-bodied as in the country.

Ellen White was aswell bright that churches should be accustomed in the city. In page 114 we apprehend that “In every city-limits there should be a city-limits mission that should be a training academy for workers.” And in the aforementioned page she acutely states that “in every city-limits area the accuracy is proclaimed, churches are to be aloft up. In some ample cities there accept to be churches in assorted locations of the city.” If there are churches in the city, acutely there is a appeal for humans to reside in the city-limits as able-bodied – abnormally if the abbey fits into her eyes of a active training centermost as adjoin to just a Sabbath morning club. In addition, analysis churches in the city-limits agency that the city-limits will not be accomplished alone by outposts but by accustomed churches aural the cities themselves.

Ellen White was aswell consistently bright that sanitariums should never be accustomed in the cities. This makes absolute faculty back Sanitariums are advised to be a blazon of bloom retreat. However, in page 120 she aswell said “God would accept restaurants accustomed in the cities. If appropriately managed, these will become missionary centers.” Again she emphasized that “Our restaurants accept to be in the cities; for contrarily the workers in these restaurants could not ability the humans and advise them the attempt of appropriate living.” In page 121 she adds, “I accept been instructed that one of the arch affidavit why aseptic restaurants and analysis apartment should be accustomed in the centers of ample cities is that by this agency the absorption of arch men will be alleged to the third angel’s message.” She continues this alternation of anticipation in commendations to acceptable the addicts if she says, “In every city-limits a abode should be provided area the disciplinarian of angry addiction may accept advice to breach the chains that bind them” (134).

So what are we to accomplish of all this? Is Ellen White contradicting herself? How can she say that we should leave the cities and again say “Some accept to abide in the cities… “? How can she acclaim the beginning adjustment and again animate “families who apperceive the present accuracy [to] achieve in these cities”? With the admeasurement of avant-garde cities, was she not acquainted that establishing churches, vegetarian restaurants, and abbey schools would appeal that abounding humans reside in the city-limits in adjustment to about accomplish these entities? Sure she was, and this is why she never maintained that the beginning adjustment was the alone adjustment that God would bless. Ellen White was a abstruse thinker. She was balanced. She was sensible. She accustomed the ideal was to plan from outposts and to abstain active in the cities altogether, but she aswell accustomed the absolute – that it was not consistently applied to use the beginning method.

With all of this said there is one added affair I would like to highlight and that is that while Ellen White was not adjoin city-limits abode we charge to be acquainted of our action if we do in actuality adjudge to reside in the city. As I mentioned before, I hated active in the city. However, I accept to aswell accept that I in fact adulation the city. I am a city-limits boy at affection and there’s annihilation I adore added than canoeing through the city-limits at night with my wife while alert to Michael Buble. I adulation the café’s, the liveliness, and the vibe of Manhattan, Boston, city-limits Chattanooga, Honolulu, Pearl City, and Waikiki, and currently – Perth, Western Australia area I live. And in some means I anticipate this blazon of city-limits active is why I haven’t consistently admired Ellen Whites beginning method. I don’t wish to be told to leave the cities because I adulation the city. But that’s not absolutely true. I don’t in actuality adulation the city. I just adulation the nice locations of it – the skyscrapers adumbration adjoin the night sky, the affected restaurants and arcade centers, and the hustle and bustle of a active street. If this is what a city-limits was again I don’t anticipate Ellen White would accept anytime recommended an beginning method, but that’s not all a city-limits is. The city-limits is aswell the allotment I abhorrence – the gangs, the prostitution, the drugs and violence. City-limits is the barrio and the ghettos, the asperous neighborhoods and the hoodlums. Anyone who lives in the city-limits – adequate its cafes and architecture while never acquainted the corruption and brokenness about them – is active in a self-deluded bubble. The city-limits is not artlessly the beautiful; it is aswell the animal absoluteness of abjection and crime. And for those who wish to reside in the city-limits and do admiral there – don’t anticipate you’re just there to accept absorbing Bible studies at Star Bucks with university students. That’s allotment of it yes, but you are aswell there for the addicts, the convicts, and the abandoned who amble on its streets night afterwards night analytic for satisfaction. City-limits admiral is dangerous, scandalous, and wild. Not anybody is advised for it. It is missionary plan in every anatomy and demands that those who appoint in it not become adequate with the appealing ancillary of city-limits life, but that they accost the dreadfulness of the base ancillary as well.

The book “Ministry to the Cities” is an accomplished book that provides applied insights into extensive the cities for Christ. It focuses on abundant added than simple abbey admiral and advocates for the conception of restaurants, bloom centers, centers of access and even bloom retreats as means of affair the needs to the people, architecture relationships and administration our stories. It is in this way that this adult from the 1800’s envisioned the cities could be reached.

My alone appraisal of the book is that it is a compilation. While accessible in accepting ones acuteness traveling it doesn’t accept a lot of applied footfall by footfall guides. Those are larboard to anniversary alone to ascertain for themselves. Nevertheless, I anticipate this is an accomplished book for anyone absorbed in city-limits ministry.

Applied Presentation – Practice – Production (PPP) As an Approach in Teaching Grammar

“I never advise my pupils, I alone attack to accommodate the altitude in which they can learn.”

• Albert Einstein

There are several accepted adorning approaches alien by able accent proponents for accent teaching. Presentation- Convenance -Production (PPP) is one a allotment of the widely-used methods for grammar instructions. It is a acceptable access but its appliance shouldn’t be taken for granted; authentic planning is bare for its expediency. Its rudiments absolute agents to accredit acquirements by aesthetic learners’ ascendance cerebration levels through lessons’ well- authentic objectives while they are accepted in its three stages.

In PPP, teaching can be able if the ambition accent is controlled. Therefore, attached accent expressions as accountable affairs such as “is, are, am; there is and there are; this, these, that and those; can and can’t; can and could; may and might; able nouns and accepted nouns, calculation and non-count nouns, alive and acquiescent modes, absolute and abrogating statements, abrogating and absolute questions with yes -no responses, aught codicillary against aboriginal conditionals,” a allotment of abundant acquaint based from the accent program’s sequenced outline getting managed. At this juncture, learners charge to be defined. Defining learners is teachers’ acquaintance of students’ apperception levels, age, allegiance and adeptness area the conception of tasks designs and examples to facilitate able teaching are primarily based upon.

Teaching grammar structures through the PPP can be added accessible if we accessory adorning accent expressions to students’ real-world environment. By bond accustomed contexts, their interests are getting fatigued or angry by above-mentioned adeptness and experiences. Affairs such as their hobbies, films they mostly watch, campaign in added countries, admired actors from about the world, admired games, happiest and scariest dreams, actual contest they are acquainted about added countries, folk and country English songs that they acquire to, and added can be appropriate as contemporary backgrounds for acceptance tend to be acknowledging in chic activities if situations they are carefully affiliated to are manipulated. Also, accouterment these kinds of frameworks abate students’ acquirements aloofness which is mainly due to abridgement of absorption or absence of knowledge.

PPP’s fundamentals are explicated actuality in two abstracted ways. (A) One is through appliance altered accent targets in anniversary date to explain its basal rudiments, and (B) the added is by an intertwined individual ambition accent commutual to its three stages.

A. PPP Appliance in altered accent targets

In the presentation stage, accent ambition is angry by affirmation strategies adopted by a teacher’s discretion. The acceptance are accepted to beam how new languages are generated from a teacher’s assorted way of presenting. It is a actuality that it isn’t acceptable to augment acceptance anon what their new acquaint are. In here, it is favorable to apprehend abecedary say, “We acquire a new grammar assignment today that connects to your admired sports players about the world”. “Can you acquaint me the names of your admired players?” rather than saying, “We will apprentice about accepted nouns and able nouns.” “Your admired sports players are in fact able nouns.” Presentation should blot analysis adjustment which may yield abode by the addition of tasks associated by acknowledging abstracts such as pictures, timeline, absolute objects, cited situations, a blur blow depending on teachers’ discretion. At the end of this stage, the acceptance will be acquainted of the ambition language, its antecedent rules and structures, which they themselves acquire inferred.

Secondly, convenance date is done afterwards the acceptance acquire apparent the language’s features. Based from a abecedary -prepared activities, they administer the rules and structures. Presuming that our acquaint are on atypical and plural nouns, we can analysis these to highlight what they acquire abstruse in the presentation by accepting them adduce nouns that they see in the added account and acquire them account all the words in two columns according to names of things and persons. The acceptance may be tasked to analyze anniversary chat which is atypical and plural from the two aboriginal columns that they acquire complete enabling them to aftermath two added columns: atypical and plural nouns for people, atypical and plural nouns for places, as facilitated. Together, in anniversary column, the chic transforms the words into atypical or plural forms. Depending aloft the availability of time, the abecedary can added acquaint some exceptions to the accepted rules on the altered pluralization of nouns. Probably, the abecedary provides an activity that demonstrates some nouns whose plural forms aren’t catastrophe in ‘-s’ or ‘-es.’ For instance: child- children, cactus-cacti, radius-radii, memorandum-memoranda, woman-women, man-men, mouse-mice, goose-geese. Additionally, the abecedary may affection some endless nouns such as: milk, sugar, cheese, salt, tea, coffee, aliment and abounding added examples.

Production is a date area students’ above-mentioned grammar adeptness forth with acquired adeptness from the two stages are congenital beneath accustomed tasks to affectation an over-all acquirements outcome. It is recommended that the assembly activities should chronicle to absoluteness for candid purposes. Assuming that the ambition accent is the present connected with approaching meanings, the abecedary may ask the acceptance on what they are traveling to do this afternoon to be answered in complete sentences. The accepted responses will be an appliance of the language’s beforehand alien formula, which is present be-verb + a verb in the -ing anatomy + approaching time. At this point, the acceptance are accepted to aftermath an archetype by getting specific about be- verbs. It is in this bearings that the acceptance are fabricated to opt amid ‘is,’ ‘are,’ and ‘am’ although generally, they were appliance ‘is’ or ‘are’ in the convenance stage. Additionally, aback the catechism is about them individually, they acquire to adjudge which accountable they are traveling to employ. To add, they will aswell acquire to adjudge which allotment of accent they are traveling to use. And since, ‘I’ acquire been decided, they are acquainted that pronoun is traveling to be acclimated accurately the accountable pronouns, instead of acrimonious up a accountable from nouns. In affiliation to these aesthetic activity, students’ cerebral adeptness connected to plan importantly. Therefore, the accepted outputs will be sentences that are alien by “I am” As an example, “I am affair my acquaintance this afternoon,” “I am traveling to Islamabad tonight.” Agnate to added accent focuses, the acceptance are encouraged to dispense the accent expressions for whatever purpose they may absolutely serve through the affiliation of the ambition language’s forms and rules able by their above-mentioned adeptness which maybe added with new accompanying accent to be candy if aftereffect activities such as appointment and added forms of accessory contest are provided.

B. PPP appliance in an intertwined individual lesson

The a lot of applied way to acquire PPP is to apperceive it in its three intertwined stages through an absolute assignment that showcases a individual accent focus forth with its agnate activities to be approved in ascendance manner. Below is an archetype of its application.

PPP will be elucidated through an alternate chat amid a abecedary and acceptance with responses as upshots from the accustomed tasks followed by commentaries that affection some applied acquirements processes’ acceptation which conceivably acclaim some admiring measures in attempting to accomplish an accessible appliance of this method.

The lesson

The ambition accent is “used to” and the abecedary is alert that the chic has already abstruse some grammatical credibility such as accountable pronouns, subject-verb acceding and accomplished simple verb forms in abutment to the new assignment which agency that in an institutional accent advance outline, the acquaint are sequenced appropriately according to the acquirements needs of students.


At the end of a 50-minute session, the acceptance are accepted to:

1. actuate the use of the announcement “used to”,

2. use ‘used to’ to transform sentences which are bidding in the simple past,

3. administer ‘used to’ in administration their antecedent out-of-school activities,

4. address a branch apropos their adventures appliance the expression, and

5. enhance students” grammatical adeptness and adroitness through cogent account in the accomplished differently.


Objectives accommodate actual abundant roles in every lesson. Though we cannot awning all the advised outcomes in one lesson, the objectives should baby to a specific blazon of assignment by involving the three domains of objectives- cognitive, psychomotor and affective. Specifically, “determine,” ‘use,’ ‘employ’ are indicators of cerebral objectives. ‘Write’ represents psychomotor and cerebral while ‘enhance’ announce affective. All these declared objectives are accepted to be accomplished in applying the access involving, “used to” in a class’ featured alternation of activities. These specific objectives become students’ achievement indicators at the end of the teaching process.

Stage 1: Presentation

Teacher: Every one of you acquire to acquire enjoyed your adolescence agnate to Munawar’s adventures if he was a buck in Lahore. Listen, to some of his acclaimed activities that he acclimated to do at the age of ten in Pakistan.

students’ answers:

climbed angel copse

went hunting with his ancestor

played candid with accompany

read storybooks at the library

picked fruits during autumn time

helped his parents in the acreage

prayed calm with his ancestor at the mosque

Teacher: All your answers are displayed on the board. Do you beam something at the end of every response?

Student: There is no punctuation. I mean, there’s no abounding stop.

Teacher: Yes, what abroad do you see? See all the alpha words of these answers.

Student: They are not capitalized.

Teacher: Right. Why aren’t they capitalized and punctuated?

Student: We alone capitalize and accent them if they are sentences.

Teacher: Am I fabricated to acquire that these responses are not sentences?

Student: Yes.


Even if the acquaint are not on punctuation and capitalization, these cogent credibility that popped up acquire to be processed. It is aswell in this ambience if acceptance are accustomed the adventitious to actuate the differences amid a byword and a sentence. These add to their basal adeptness which may adviser them in accent accretion skills. It is a teacher’s albatross to accommodate these important credibility aback these are accustomed teaching occurrences that alike currently in the average of a teaching process. The abecedary should never assume that the chic knew about these accordant credibility for there could be added acceptance cat-and-mouse to blot the appropriate rudiments through a teacher’s elaboration. One student’s agnosticism which was never aloft for some affidavit could acknowledgment abounding students’ hesitations beneath these circumstances.

Teacher: Let’s get aback afresh to what you acquire listened to about Munawar’s adolescence activities. What did he do? Let’s change Munawar into addition form. What should we use to represent Munawar? Go aback to the accountable pronouns and acquire appropriately the chat that we are traveling to use as a subject.

Student: “He” should be used.

Teacher: That’s right. Why do you anticipate it is “he?”

Students: Munawar is atypical and he’s a male.

Teacher: Exactly. This time, will I capitalize and accent appliance a abounding stop? Why should I capitalize and punctuate?

Students: Yes. We acquire fabricated sentences. For this reason, we charge to capitalize the alpha words and abode a abounding stop at the end of every statement.

students’ answers.

He climbed angel trees.

He went hunting with his ancestor

He played candid with friends.

He watched TV with his ancestors afore traveling to sleep.

He best fruits during autumn time.

He helped his parents in the farm.

He prayed calm with his ancestor at the mosque.

Teacher: What do you apprehension in anniversary verb from the sentences?

Students: They are all accounting in the accomplished form?

Teacher: What fabricated you say so?

Student: The verbs end in- ed.

Teacher Why should we abode -ed at the end of every verb?

Students: They happened if he was a child. These activity words were done in the past.

Teacher: Also, you will apprehension that one accomplished simple verb is of altered form.

What is this word? Anamnesis your antecedent assignment about the types of verbs.

Students: It’s an aberrant verb.

Teacher: Can we acquire this verb?

Student: Yes.

Teacher: Why?

Student: It aswell expresses accomplished simple.

Teacher: Can you accord added examples of these aberrant verbs?

students’ answers on aberrant verbs

tell -told



feel -felt


become -became

say -said

come- came

tear- tore




Teacher: Okay. Can we possibly address these sentences in addition way?

What about inserting ‘used to’ afore the verb in every book that we acquire made?

Students: Yes, we can.

Teacher: You are correct. Address your new book beside anniversary sentence. Add ‘used to’ afore the verbs but the capital verbs should be afflicted into the present simple.

Students’ answers

He climbed angel trees. He acclimated to ascend angel copse

He went hunting with his father. He acclimated to go hunting with his father.

He played candid with friends. He acclimated to play candid with friends.

He watched TV with his ancestors afore traveling to sleep. He acclimated to watch TV with his ancestors afore traveling to sleep.

He best fruits during autumn time. He acclimated to aces fruits during autumn time.

He helped his parents in the farm. He acclimated to advice his parents in the farm.

He prayed calm with his ancestor at the mosque. He acclimated to adjure calm with his ancestor at the mosque.

Teacher: Looking at your added accumulation of answers, do you see how anniversary book in every amount alter from the aboriginal accumulation according to verb forms?

Students: Yes, the aboriginal accumulation fabricated has accomplished simple while the added was afflicted into present simple form.

Teacher: What fabricated the changes of the accomplished simple verbs in your added sentences?

Students: “Used to” fabricated the changes in the verbs into present simple.

Teacher: We all apperceive that the verbs in the aboriginal accumulation of sentences are in the accomplished form, and this agency all of them were done in the past. If we fabricated addition accumulation of sentences, we added ‘used to’ but we acquire accounting all the verbs into simple present form. Acquire we done these changes correctly?

Students: Yes, we have. If we placed ‘used to’, we are analogously afterlight the account in the accomplished anatomy in addition way.

Teacher: Now, are they the aforementioned in agreement of tense? Do the pairs acquire the aforementioned meanings?

Students: Yes, they do.

Teacher: Aside from appliance the simple accomplished anatomy to authentic completed accomplishments in the past, what abroad can we use?

Students: We can address “used to + the abject anatomy of the verb.”

Teacher: Yes, it is authentic to use ‘used to + the abject anatomy of the verb’ to authentic accomplishments that happened in the past.


The arresting credibility to be empiric in actuality are the appliance of antecedent adeptness of the language, abutting bond of objectives to ambition language, arrangement of objectives in all activities with the admittance of motivation. The presentation should be anterior for the acceptance to infer instead of utilizing the deductive method. In appliance the anterior method, acceptance will acquire the befalling to amount out what accent is to be abstruse and how do their structures to clothing a specific aphorism or a accepted aphorism which they will anon discover. Also, appliance of above-mentioned accent could be accordant as approved by the barter of subjects. Above-mentioned adeptness appliance is a anatomy of auspicious them apropos the accent of ahead abstruse languages. In here, they were accustomed the befalling to analyze the adjustment of the expressions in accent constructions. To add, this date directed learners to anatomy a blueprint of their own which will adviser them to accomplish alternation of contest by stages.

There are some exceptions to the accumulation of accomplished abutting for aberrant verbs. If it comes out, it is best to activity its arresting credibility in alertness for the convenance and production. This should be able by abacus added activities in the presentation.

Stage 2: Practice

Teacher: Let’s acquire added contest to added acquire the lesson. Actuality is a account of what a blur administrator did if he filmed a cine in Quetta. Address them in complete sentences appliance the accomplished simple anatomy and afflicted anniversary by abacus ‘Use to.’

booked his aggregation in a auberge

talked to the ambassador of the boondocks

hired some added cameramen

gathered added citizens to act as bit players

organized the actors schedules

gave time for performers to apprehend their scripts

threw a affair afore traveling aback home

Students’ answers

He appointed his aggregation in a hotel. He acclimated to book his aggregation in a auberge

He talked to the ambassador of the town. He acclimated to allocution to the ambassador of the town.

He assassin some added cameramen. He acclimated to appoint some added cameramen.

He aggregate added citizens to act as bit players. He acclimated to accumulate added citizens to act as bit players.

He organized the actors’ schedules. He acclimated to adapt the actors’ schedules.

He gave time for performers to apprehend their scripts. He acclimated to accord time for performers to apprehend their scripts.

He threw a affair afore traveling aback home. He acclimated to bandy a affair afore traveling aback home.


It is pertinent that the abecedary stimulates the cerebration of the acceptance afterwards the adapted examples as accretion of the presentation stage. Repetition is a anatomy of accretion and a anatomy of allusive exercise aback the students’ are fabricated to anticipate while they perform. Afterwards the activities, addition of the rudiments of this accent focus is of top importance.

When “used to” is used, the aboriginal verb anatomy from as simple accomplished has to be in a simple present. It is appropriate to acquire the acceptance ascertain the changes. Their inference will be a abundant aid in application knowledge. The teacher’s role is alone to activate their adeptness to infer apropos the verb structure. At this juncture, a abecedary is beat to augment thoughts anon to the students.

In absolute advice practices, these two expressions: accomplished simple and ‘used to’ may be alloyed up. It is best to accent that it is accessible to occur. Every apprentice should be acquainted that what they abstruse in the classroom are models and that they can be adapted in a accustomed advice whether they are acclimated orally or in accounting manner.

Stage 3: Production

Teacher: What about you, can you still anamnesis your accomplished activities years ago? Calm with your seatmate, account what both of you acclimated to do. Address them in a simple accomplished verb and be able to transform these sentences appliance ‘used to.’ You will acquire three types of lists. Both acceptance will bear a allocution about the tasks that they acquire completed. Advice anniversary added in basic the lists.

possible students’ account one (1) no accountable with simple past

watched our admired TV appearance every day

played football in the acreage

visited my accompany alert

had picnics at the ancestors esplanade

went to Dammam every anniversary

toured Bahrain already a ages

travelled to Riyadh City with our cousins.

possible students’ account two (2) pluralized accountable with simple past

We watched our admired TV appearance every day.

We played football in the field.

We visited my accompany twice.

We had picnics at the ancestors park.

We went to Dammam every week.

We toured Bahrain already a month.

We travelled to Riyadh City with our cousins.

possible students’ account three (3) – pluralized accountable with announcement ‘used to’ replacing simple past.

We acclimated to watch our admired TV appearance every day.

We acclimated to play football in the field.

We acclimated to appointment my accompany twice.

We acclimated to acquire picnics at the ancestors park.

We acclimated to go to Dammam every week.

We acclimated to bout Bahrain already a month.

We acclimated to biking to Riyadh City with our cousins

Teacher: Get aback to account amount one and allotment your ideas.

Students: Account amount one is alien by simple verbs.

Teacher: Yes, that’s right. What acquire you noticed in account amount two?

Students: There is a defined accountable in anniversary sentence.

Teacher: Correct. The phrases were completed as sentences. Are account amount three and amount two the aforementioned if it comes to tenses?

Students: Yes.

Teacher: Now, as a homework, accomplish a timeline of 5 agitative things that you did endure summer by appliance dates and accomplished simple verbs or ‘used to’. Address them in a branch anatomy by afterward the locations of a branch that we acquire accomplished a anniversary ago.


Students were able to anatomy the simple pasts independently, absitively the accountable to be acclimated and commissioned the simple pasts into ‘used to’ by enumerating accomplished actions. These betoken that acceptance acquirements in the cerebral way is embodied in the production. Their adeptness to dispense the language’s structures and rules through the tasks denote their accretion akin of adjustment cerebration abilities stemming from the presentation and convenance stage. It is accordingly encouraged that agents can accomplish the assembly date operational by appliance alternation of interlinked activities in contexts even if this accurate date is agnate to how they intertwined their acquaint from the two antecedent stages. Provision of these activities allows them added opportunities to dispense currently abstruse accent targets and to administer aforetime abstruse accent contents.

Homework is a affectionate of assembly consistent to outputs that reinforce or adorn what they acquire learned. It is aswell recommended that accent a anew abstruse focus acquire to be chip with the addition of a new focus such as giving dates as time expressions. Date can announce accomplished accomplishments and these are added accent expressions which they can plan on in accustomed advice setting. Moreover, auspicious production’s favorable furnishings may breed a allotment of learners if they administer languages that are anchored to their real-life experiences.

There are no simple approaches to use in accent teaching even if they assume to be. Agents acquire to ascertain their learners and administer some adjustments. Approaches are not done mechanically but rather flexibly based from students’ akin and from the address of resources. Lessons’ objectives should be accomplished in the teaching process. Teaching adventures acknowledge that aural a method, a action arises. It is aswell accordant to do some reflections regrading objectives that advance to acquirements directions. Do your activities chronicle with the objectives? Are they alien by the ascribe material? Are they bedfast in your adapted setting? Are these embodied beneath abecedary and students’ roles? Do they affix to the ambition language? Are they adumbrated in the outputs? If they do, again PPP could be a applicable adjustment in your classrooms.

What Will It Take to Fix This Alarming Human Resources Trend?

There is a trend occurring in the acreage of animal resources, added accurately the acreage of aptitude acquisition, and I am not the alone one who has noticed it. The claiming for discussing it is the acceptance it is based aloft annoyed job seekers or overworked, and possibly understaffed, animal assets departments. I am adequately assertive there are abounding who plan in this acreage who may not feel adequate with the spotlight I am traveling to shine, on an affair which has been growing for some time now, yet it is at a point area we should be discussing it.

What is the issue? The growing abridgement of basal account by animal assets professionals, which is across-the-board of recruiters, for the time and accomplishment put into the job appliance action by applicants. This is a adventurous account and yet I accept abutment for it.

I should activate by advertence my accomplishments and how I accept been on both abandon of the issue. In fact, I accept been complex in the acreage of animal assets (in some capacity) for over 30 years. I accept been complex in recruiting advisers and I accept aswell been a job seeker. I accept accomplished animal assets classes and I accept been a affiliate of the Society for Animal Assets Management. The trend I am discussing now has become arresting over the accomplished 5 years, abnormally as job applications accept confused online.

The Use of Online Appliance Forms

It would assume the canicule if you had the name and abode of anyone you could physically mail a resume to are about gone, and worse, accepting a absolute acquaintance email abode is acceptable abundant added challenging. Now abounding organizations column a job advertisement and an appellant is accustomed to ample out an online appliance form. Abounding organizations will not column acquaintance email addresses or buzz numbers, and if you call, you may acceptable be told that unsolicited calls are not accepted.

I do not accept abounding job seekers are adjoin the online appliance format; however, accede the bulk of time and accomplishment abounding of these online forms take. I apperceive from my contempo acquaintance that some online forms can yield 30 account or added just to complete the basal steps. Some online forms can be pre-filled by acceding a affiliation to a LinkedIn contour and that can save time on occasion. Yet it still takes time to admit and complete the process. What makes the action time arresting are the sections aural the anatomy that accept to be abounding out afore you can abide the application, which agency you may accept to about archetype and adhesive your absolute resume into the form.

A Catechism for Animal Assets Professionals

Here is a catechism I would affectation to those who plan in the acreage of Animal Resources, or Aptitude Accretion as abounding adopt to be alleged now:

  • Why can’t you activate by just reviewing a resume and afresh if there is an absorption in proceeding added with the applicant, ask the getting to complete an online appliance at that time?

There is a growing acerbity a allotment of job applicants about the online appliance action and I accept to accompaniment I can see the point. You absorb a lot of time bushing out online forms and you may never accept even an accepting from an absolute getting aural the organization.

This leads me to a abundant bigger allotment of the trend and why it has become so alarming.

An Alarming Abridgement of Account for Job Applicants

The affair of commutual online appliance forms is alone the tip of the abstract for the beyond and added alarming aspect of the issue. The absolute affair at duke is the abridgement of account for job applicants in general. It would assume that job applicants are no best owed any basal accepted courtesies with commendations to the appliance action itself.

Many organizations will forward an automatic email already an online appliance anatomy has been completed. After that email, you may acceptable never accept annihilation abroad from the alignment anytime again. If the alignment has activated one of the accepted automatic appliance administration systems, there will be no one to contact. Even worse, you cannot forward a acknowledgment to the automatic email accustomed if the appliance was completed at the alpha of the process.

The altercation by those who plan in the acreage of animal assets is that there is a arduous economy, the job bazaar is awful competitive, and there are no guarantees if anyone applies for a job they will accept any consideration. In fact, if I accept brought this answerable up, there is a activity that anyone who asks for added than an accepting of the completed appliance anatomy has an attitude of entitlement.

Consider admitting the time an appellant has taken to complete the online appliance form. Should they accept some anatomy of a cachet update, at atomic once?

Don’t Alarm Us, We May Never Alarm You

This is the allotment of the affair that I am actually on lath with and it is the complete abridgement of account abounding organizations authenticate to candidates, abnormally with commendations to the action of how applications and resumes are reviewed. I apperceive from my own acquaintance I accept activated for abundant positions, and I am advantageous if I anytime apprehend aback from bisected of those organizations or institutions. It does not amount how able I am, how abundant apprenticeship or acquaintance I have, or how abundant time I put into commutual the online appliance form. My appliance and resume accept gone into what seems like a ambiguous atramentous aperture and should I be so lucky, maybe one day I will apprehend aback from anyone aural the organization. However, I should never apprehend a reply.

The Alarming “No Acknowledge You” Email

Here is the affliction allotment of all, and I apperceive how abominably this has afflicted over the accomplished 30 years because I accept apparent it and I accept been a victim of it, the alarming email cogent you that you are not getting advised for a position. Already again, it doesn’t amount how abundant time you accept spent bushing out the online appliance anatomy or how able you may be, anyone may adjudge you do not fit (for whatever the reason) and affair the alarming “no acknowledge you” email.

As an archetype of how bad this affair has gotten, and to authenticate the abridgement of account for a job applicant’s time, I afresh abounding out an online appliance anatomy for a position which I was acutely able for and should accept accustomed at atomic the abode of a buzz call. Aural 48 hours I accustomed an email, which included the accepted wording:

  • “We accept anxiously advised your abilities and while your acquaintance represents cogent accomplishments, we activate the abilities of added applicants to added carefully fit our needs at this time. Please be assured that your appliance was accustomed abounding consideration.”

I accept to admiration how anyone “carefully reviewed” my accomplishment aural 48 hours, abnormally after speaking with me. I aswell admiration why I am told I should be assured. Is there a acumen why I should not be assured? The email was beatific from an abode that began with “do not reply” and was active by The Animal Assets Department, which agency I was not even accustomed a claimed reply. I had no one to allege with, no one to acknowledgment to, and no acquaintance advice provided on the institution’s website, which agency I accept no recourse but to accumulate searching for added positions.

Doesn’t this assume like a complete abridgement of account for anyone who has taken time to ample out an online appliance anatomy and forward in a resume? If a getting has the minimum abilities as declared on the job posting, shouldn’t this getting accept a buzz call, or at atomic an email from an absolute person?

Is This What Has Become of Animal Resources?

I can accompaniment that this is not how the acreage of recruiting acclimated to be about 30 years ago. At that time, it was added relational in nature. If an alignment declared that a person’s resume would be kept on file, there was a actual acceptable adventitious that getting ability apprehend aback from the aggregation afresh in the future. This rarely happens any more. I apperceive from my own acquaintance if that were the case, my buzz would never stop ringing.

The job bazaar will consistently be aggressive and there will consistently be abounding jobs in demand, with abundant applicants to accept from if bushing positions. The abstraction that job applicants are not owed any consideration, yet accustomed to jump through amaranthine hoops just to accept a acutely minute adventitious of getting advised for a position, seems like the amiss access for cultivating talent. There is so abundant allocution in the acreage of authoritative development about adorning aptitude and agent growth, why not alpha this with the appliance process? Why amusement applicants as if they are a dime a dozen?

There is a growing acerbity about the action of recruiting in accepted and I accept why. If applicants are not advised with account they activate to admiration who is even searching at applications or if the getting reviewing applications is able to do so. Conceivably it is time to authority recruiters answerable for the recruiting process, or conceivably applicants should appeal acquaintance with a getting rather than be affected to complete an online form. The abridgement of account for job applicants is an alarming trend and needs to be discussed as it does not assume to be alteration any time soon.